Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Warming Up

I went to my first yoga class of the new year last night.  A teacher I'd been seriously missing was back to teach her Hot Vinyasa class and I feared it would be a disappointment due to my high level of anticipation.  I seriously missed her.  Clearly I was not the only one as practically every square inch of space in the 95 degree room was covered by mats, blocks, towels, water bottles and chattering yoginis.  I was extra excited for this class because it was the inaugural wear of one of my Christmas presents from the hubs! Behold! the Lululemon scoop neck tank!

I know that's a lot of exclamation points for work-out apparel, and when I began practicing yoga, I didn't feel comfortable spending that kind of money on my gear but let me tell you this tank is worth it (especially since it was a gift.)  It has so much support (without smooshing everything down), its exceptionally flattering and doesn't bunch even when you're in the bindiest of binds. What more could you ask for?

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