Thursday, October 25, 2012

on turning thirty...

Pfft Pfft... this thing on?

anyone out there still reading this?

oh... hi :)

I'm not going to do any promising that I will be back and posting regularly but I am going to offer you a new post because I just want to do some gushing about my amazing friends and a fantastic cidery in Maryland.  Is cidery a word?

A few weeks ago I turned thirty.  I feel fine... maybe a little more crotchety... My yoga teacher tells me that this is when the wisdom comes.  Well, I think I felt it the day after I turned 30... it was either wisdom or a hangover.  Maybe 80/20 wisdom/hangover?  I wasn't dreading my thirtieth but I wasn't especially excited about it either.  There are always things that you don't get to in time right? But before my birthday I decided I would embrace it and not be upset because I didn't accomplish x, y or z.  After all, I have accomplished a lot of things in the years leading up to thirty that weren't even ON my 'list'.  Those have to count for something, right?  Right.

Anywhoo.  I woke up the morning of my birthday to hot coffee from my husband, this view:

and the most perfect weather for some fall frolicking along the vineyards of western Maryland.  My amazing friend Sarah had planned a full day of cider and wine tasting, picnicking and general merriment with some of my closest friends.

Why yes, those are 30 glasses I'm wearing... thanks M!

We started the day in a decked out party bus and made our way to Distillery Lane Ciderworks.  This place was awesome.

The ciders were fantastic and they had a great selection.

You can also get non alcoholic cider, go apple picking, and get a tour of the orchard, which we took them up on.

Woodberry Kitchen features several of their ciders in their cocktails and by the glass.

My favorite was the Encampment.  It was nice and dry with just the slightest hint of fizziness and the packaging was great.

After Distillery Lane, we headed to Black Ankle Vineyards for a tasting and picnic.  Black Ankle probably makes some of the best wine in Maryland and is also featured on the Woodberry Kitchen Menu.

We had our tasting, purchased a few bottles and spread out for a nice picnic and some headstands.  Typical.

Following Black Ankle we headed to Linganore Winery where we tasted SIXTEEN "wines" for five dollars.  There were certainly no more headstands after that.

Once wine tasting was over, we headed to Miguel's in Silo Point for dinner which we needed and margaritas which we did not.  It was a fantastic day and I still get the warm fuzzies every time I think about it.

Thank you friends and family.  You are amazing.  So. Amazing.