Monday, January 3, 2011


Hi Friends!  Glad you found this little corner of the internet.
I decided this new year would be a fresh start... No resolutions per se but one of the things I've been meaning to do is find a little space where I can post about the things I love and think you may love as well.  So here's to a 2011 filled with love and health.  Hope yours is starting off fresh too!

Mondays tend to be a challenge for me any time of the year but when your first day back to the grind after a wonderful holiday mini-vacation falls on a Monday, it can be especially challenging.  Luckily, i had some lovely morning light to greet me as I came out of the bedroom bright and early this morning.

Made stumbling towards coffee and scrambled eggs much easier.

The sun was casting the shadow of a (sadly) empty bottle of this:

Perhaps the most anticipated beer of the holiday season.  You know... if you anticipate those sorts of things :)
And was it ever delicious.

Happy 2011 all!

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