Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day

I am pretty pumped about the impending 6-10 inches being forecasted even though it could end up being anywhere from 1-20.  I have no faith in our local (or any) meteorologists but as long as I see the white stuff, I don't really care!

Photo from Shawn Bennaman

One bummer that often goes along with snow is having things you like to do (hot vinyasa with my fav teacher in this case) get canceled.  I've found a pretty sweet replacement evening activity though.  We're having some awesome people over for dinner this evening instead.  I'll try to post tonight's dinner recipes tomorrow.  I'm cooking one new recipe and one old faithful.

The new recipe comes from Mario Batali in a recent cookbook purchase.  I have a serious cookbook addiction.  Recent procurements include the aforementioned MB cookbook, Recipes from an Italian Summer, Nourishing Traditions, and Coco.  Coco and Recipes from an Italian Summer (among several others I own) are published by Phaidon.  They make the most beautiful, carefully composed cookbooks I've ever seen.

Photo from Eat Me Daily

I've received both of these cookbooks as a gift from my sister and they are amazing to look at, read and pull ideas from.  I also have one from them called The Silver Spoon that has approximately one million simple, traditional italian recipes.

These books are so wonderful!  I can't wait to get a few more.  Even their little catalog that comes tucked in their new books is beautiful!


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