Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sick of It!

Hi friends! (both of you)

Sorry for the lack of posting lately... recovering from some sort of nasty stomach flu/food poisoning awfulness. So my charcutepalooza post is going to be delayed a couple of days (obviously).  I'll try to get that post up tomorrow.  I didn't want to cut up my awesome duck breasts and then not be able to taste them!

Anyway, just wanted to post quickly about two things I absolutely love.  What's interesting here is that the first thing I love actually brought the second thing I love into my life!

The first thing is a new company called Birchbox.  This is a makeup sample delivery company started by two amazing Harvard Business School grads from which I was lucky enough to win a year long subscription.  They send a perfectly packaged box of deluxe samples to you once monthly, and then make it exceptionally easy to buy the full sized products directly from their website.


But they don't stop at lipgloss or lotion samples.  They have tutorials and tons of extra information on makeup, beauty, health and general well-being on their website.  They also send special treats each month... little birchbox bonuses.  Which brings me to favorite thing number two!

In this month's birchbox was a little tin of tea: Coconut Chai Black Tea. Sounds delicious right?  It was.


Especially perfect since we got a nasty storm of "wintry mix" last night.  This tea is amazing.  I took one sip and ordered the larger size from their site, which couldn't have been simpler.

Birchbox always manages to pick the best selection of samples and this month was no exception.  Besides the tea, it included two different skin care samples, a huge AHAVA hand cream sample and some great hair serum.  I am seriously smitten with this company.  I will definitely continue my subscription once my year runs out, and I've already gifted a year long subscription to my sister who is also a sample maniac.   The best part is you can sign up for month to month.  OK, I'm gushing.  go try it!

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