Thursday, January 20, 2011

Man Repellant


Sorry for the less frequent posting.  I'm trying to catch up with life after the 24hr death plague of 2011 that I had last weekend but I'll post duck prosciutto soon.  Anywhoo!

I stumbled upon this amazing website the other day and I wanted to share.  Often times I will put on an outfit, or try on a pair of shoes or a new hairstyle that I am really excited about and look to the hubs who will tell me it is a. hideous, b. mental patient and/or 3 year old dressing herself esque or c. something he is sure is in fashion but he 'Just Doesn't Get.'  I always kind of enjoy dressing for myself  but its nice to know I'm not alone on this one.

Enter The Man Repeller.
This blog is a hilarious discussion (with pictures!) of clothes that are the peak of fashion but are quite obviously "sartorial birth control."

an old site banner - SO accurate!

I love the site because of the author's humor and her take on the crazy world of high fashion.  I also happen to LOVE the inspiration I get from the quirky outfits she puts together... much to my husband's dismay.

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