Monday, December 12, 2011

Gift Guides – The Yogi(ni) in Your Life

Since pretty much everyone who reads my blog either knows a yogini or can discreetly send this link to their loved one because they are the yogini, I thought I'd start here.  There's been a ridiculous increase in the amount of “luxury yoga goods” that are on the market as of late.  I tried to not just link to everything on the lululemon website for this for two reasons – 1. There are some non-yoga things that I think many yogis would actually love and 2. There are a lot of great items that are not ridiculous expensive out there.
And away we go!

Let’s just get the lulu stuff out of the way first.  Everyone knows they make pretty awesome products so I’m just going to show you my absolute favorite thing they make.  Their wunder under crops are seriously the most perfect yoga pant ever made.  They do amazing things for your practice and your butt!

The next two items aren't specifically for yoginis but most of the people I know who do yoga tend to get cold out in the real world.  This may be why we tolerate those hot rooms so much better. 

This blanket looks amazingly soft and would keep anyone perfectly warm on a cold winter night. 

These slippers from LL Bean are awesome for wearing around the house while keeping your feet toasty.  They're also great for in the yoga studio where shoes are not welcome. 

This top from LUCY is great for coming and going from your studio on those fall and spring days where it’s too warm for a coat but too cool to head out in your damp yoga clothes.  It’s amazingly soft and has a hood/cowl neck that will cover up your sweaty mop head!

Mala beads are sacred necklaces that have been worn for thousands of years by practitioners of yoga.  Tiny devotions has beautiful malas that would make any yogini happy. 

Another fun and interesting option is a body soap based on your yogi's dosha.  You'd have to know their dosha to know what soap to purchase for them however they all smell amazing so even if you don't know, you can't go wrong.  
Finally, if your yogi(ni) has embraced the yoga lifestyle (especially enough to own the aforementioned dosha soap), they might appreciate a subscription to a magazine like Whole Living.  This magazine covers topics ranging from healthful cooking to living green to overall wellness.  

Whole living is a great magazine with interesting fitness tips, tasty recipes and discussions on finding balance in your life. 

Welp, that's it for today.  Check back tomorrow when I will have some suggestions for the men in your life.  Happy holidays!



  1. Oh MAN! I love all of these, but I just want to wrap myself in the scarf and those slippers and hang out in front of the fire at the cabin in Deep Creek...

  2. Wonderful article! Thank you for sharing. The mala pictured however is not a Tiny devotion mala... It is the design of Bali Malas.
    108 blessings, Christy