Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hi Friends!
I’m back with day two of my holiday gift guides.  Today is for the man you love, be it your husband, pops, boyfriend, best friend, or weird uncle that gave you booze at holiday dinners without your parents knowing it.  I guess I would not call these gifts standard or even exclusively for men but they’re definitely suitable for many of the dudes I know and love. 

Most of the men in my life are relatively outdoorsy.  Or, at least they think they are.  This is why this gift is perfect.  All The Knots You Need is a book that teaches them how to tie all the knots they say they already should know how to tie if they’re out and about in the wilderness, or hiking, or climbing, or on a boat somewhere.  Plus it is really cool looking and makes a perfect coffee table book. 

 100% of the men I have to shop for this Christmas own iphones.  100% of the men I have to shop for also own ugly wallets and/or money clips.  A simple calculation shows that this wallet is perfect for 100% of the men I have to shop for. 

It has enough slots for a few cards and some cash, a back pocket to protect the precious iphone and seems to be still slim enough to comfortably fit in their pocket.  It’s also hot when a dude has a nice wallet.  So there you go.

In general, I think dudes look hot in scarves.  It can be a challenge to find a masculine looking scarf that is still nice and cozy.  This scarf is awesome.  It looks incredibly soft and not at all itchy.  It’s in manly colors (is that a thing?) and it is exceptionally borrowable!

This is a hand crafted slingshot that comes with seed bombs that can be fired away.  Guerilla Gardening.  Weaponry and saving the planet in one perfectly packaged present?

I think this one is pretty self explanatory! 

I’ve found that most of the guys I know actually like chocolate more than any girl I know.  Also, in general, I think it’s safe to say that guys generally like bacon.  Well Vosegs has perfectly combined these two things into a holiday gift set that almost no one I know could resist. 
These chocolates go amazingly well with a nice, smoky scotch. 

Oh and one last thing.  This one is still a prototype but if you are a moderately big spender and have no clue what to get for your tech obsessed giftee, check out this amazingkickstarter project.  If you donate at a certain level, you get a prototype of this awesome keyboard and mouse, and provide us non-moneybags with a better chance of getting this as a gift next Christmas!  Yay commerce!

Well, hope that helps at least one person out there pick out a dude gift! 

See you guys on Thursday with another go at the gift guide.  Eep!  We’re running out of time.  Only 10 days till Christmas!