Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Guess what?  Today's post is about rings.  Woot!  When I was planning our wedding a lot of the posts I came across on wedding blogs were about engagement ring alternatives.  That's what I'm going to present here to you.  Lucky!  If you're not interested, come back later this week and we'll talk about bacon.  A lot of these rings could easily be non-contractual jewelry however, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner so stick around... just kidding... None of these will get to you by Monday.  You are definitely screwed.

Anywhoo... here we go!

First up is definitely my favorite. It's a beautiful cushion cut aquamarine stone set in rose gold.  I am totally in love with cushion cut.  It's an antique cut (according to people who know these sorts of things...) but I feel like it's actually quite modern looking.  Also, my engagement ring is cushion cut and I just love it, so there.

One Garnet Girl on Etsy

I love the look of this ring so much.  If you want to buy it for me, you totally can!

This next ring is from a designer that I truly love.  Bario-Neal is a jewelry designer out of Philadelphia that uses ethically sourced diamonds as well as environmentally friendly and recycled or reclaimed metals.  The jewelry is incredible too.  So you can feel good in your heart and good on your finger! Win Win, I say!

This ring is a three stone garnet engagement ring flanked by two yellow diamonds.

Its a custom designed piece but Bario-Neal also has some beautiful non-custom pieces like this awesome rough cut diamond solitare.

How cool is that?

Finally, Bario-Neal has some beautiful gemstone rings like this Cala Sapphire ring.

I love bezel settings and this one is particularly unique.  You know whatever you get from here will be gorgeous and one of a kind (or at least pretty damn close to it)

These rings, from Etsy seller Secret Charm are beautiful stackable gold.  If one ring says "I love you enough to marry you," can you just imagine what nine rings say?

Secret Charm on Etsy

These would make great wedding bands or just nice finger decorations in general :)

OK there you have it!  Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  Luckily I was guilt tripped back into posting regularly.  Up next?  BACONY GOODNESS

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