Friday, February 4, 2011

Man Presents!

Happy Friday my little cupids!
Here is a round up of presents for the menfolk this Valentines Day.  Guys have a tendency to be hard to shop for but in reality you're just picking out things that you want them to wear or carry while tricking them into thinking they like it :)  Devious!

Ok here we go...

A lot of the boys I tend to pal around with are at least vaguely outdoorsy.  They also tend to enjoy coffee, at least as a vehicle for caffeine.  Here's an interesting little gift that will serve them well when camping or if they find themselves lost in the wilderness with nothing but the coat on their back and a bag of freshly ground Bolivia Buenavista organic beans!

GSI Outdoor * $20

A stovetop espresso maker that can be used on camp stoves!  Pair this with a bag of your their favorite beans and what more could they ask for?

Next up!  A nice briefcase that doesn't look like it's filled with crackers.  (Good job to those of you that got that without clicking the link - two points!)  I mean lets face it - men wish they could carry purses... but they can't.  Mostly because we'd make fun of them and it would be emasculating.  BUT if you get them a nice "briefcase/carryall" they can put all their stuff in it and maybe some of yours too!

BillyKirk * $320

This one from Billy Kirk is nice looking, not too fancy and neutral-y colored without being boring.  Plus you could totally borrow it for a weekend bag.

In culling together all these gifts I have come to the realization that man gifts are sort of boring.  So I'm gonna throw in this sweater for good measure (what is more exciting than sweaters?)

JCrew * $59.50

JCrew seriously makes some hot mens clothes and I have felt these sweaters live and in person (All this hard work - for you my dear readers) and can attest to their coziness.  Plus what is hotter than a boy in a sweater?

OK! Phew... being this boring is hard work people.

Hopefully up this weekend: Unisex gifts and some bacony goodness!

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